Sunday, 25 September 2016

Could 2015 trophy winners please return trophies

Could those members who won trophies at the end of the 2015 please return them so they can be engraved with the names of the 2016 winners.

If you leave them at the bar in the clubhouse, I will pick them up from there.

Scott Trial Sat 22nd October

The Scott Trial has asked for volunteers to marshal, helping out with car parking and at a petrol stop. The club and junior section have both benefited from donations from the Scott Trial in recent years. If you are available to marshal, please contact Mark Jobling on 07889 168721.

Coach training, at Richmond School, Sunday 6th November

Here is an opportunity for both parents and older juniors to learn a bit about coaching. Most of the information is pasted in from a letter sent out by the YCB. The club will pay the fee for those that undertake to help out at club training sessions. Later in the year, there will also be an opportunity to do the level 2 course, the level of training held by Mike Layfield and Tom Stcokton amongst others.

ECB Coach Support Worker Course
Course Date:  November 6th, 2016.
Time:  10am – 4pm.
Venue:  Richmond School, Darlington Rd, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7BQ
Cost:  £48.00
The course is part of the Coach Education programme for Yorkshire, Please return the completed application form to Kevin Gresham at, candidates should have the following in place before certification (not enrolment).
 Current DBS/CRB, 16 years of age.
NOTE:  There will be online activities which include a Safeguarding Young Cricketers course.
If you require any further information regarding the course or the pre-requisites please contact:
Kevin Gresham
9 Pasture Grove
Eckington S21 4GT

Tel:  07960592103

This course is designed to help to develop your confidence and equip you with the knowledge, understanding and applied skills to assist a qualified coach in a coaching session and create a safe, enjoyable and welcoming player-centred environment.
Who should attend?

Individuals, aged 16 or over who wish to assist ECB qualified coaches in the delivery of high quality practical cricket coaching sessions within a club environment.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Under 17s win NYSD junior 15s competiton

The under 17 team won yet another trophy this morning, their score of 165 for 2 off 15 overs proving rather too much for their opponents Whitby.

Only 4 years ago some of this team were playing under 11 cricket, as the picture below shows:

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Outdoor activities for juniors have finished for the season

There are no more outdoor training sessions this year.

The under 17 team has a 15-15 cup final at Billingham on Sunday morning, that is the only junior fixture outstanding.

There are two adult matches on at the main ground this weekend, the superstars otherwise known as the 5th XI are at home on Saturday afternoon and the 3rd XI are at home on Sunday afternoon.

The nets are still available for use.

On Friday 14th October we will have our presentation evening for up to and including under 15 players. There will be free food available and entries for the indoor league will open that evening, so it is worth attending even if you are not expecting an award.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Pace bowling coaching for older juniors

The club has received this email from Chris West, President of the NYSD league. Please contact me if interested. Jim

Durham Academy have been in touch to offer specializing coaching sessions on pace bowling, an area they are currently experiencing a shortage in. These would be for young fast bowlers in the 15 to 17 age group. They are looking to offer 3 to 4 sessions in November in the Stockton area.

This is a great opportunity to help your young players, and thus your own club, progress and develop. It is not limited to Durham teams alone – it is open to any NYSD club and offers the chance for everyone to benefit. Player surveys have consistently highlighted that one of the things that most enthuses players is the chance to experience quality coaching, so this should be a great help to you in retention of players, participation etc.

I have to respond to Durham by the 20th September with details of anyone interested. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose for your club – please let me have details of any youngster in the age brackets indicated who would like to take advantage of this offer. In the first instance please let me have their name, telephone number and/or e mail address.

Under 11 Festival Report

Barnard Castle won the final by 2 runs, as a result of some fine bowling in the last 2 overs which prevented Richmondshire A from scoring the 6 runs they needed to win from the final pairing.

League 1 Table

This league was very close, all the individual matches were won by 20-odd runs, but each team only won 1 match, so the positions were decided by the cricketing version of "goal difference".

Richmondshire A 1 win, + 2 runs
Richmondshire B 1 win, +1 run
Darlington 1 win, - 3 runs

The Richmondshire A and Richmondshire B teams were on paper very evenly matched, though in the head-to head, Richmondshire B beat Richmondshire A. Which team you were in depended on when you could get to the ground after other sporting commitments in the morning.

Within the 10-a-side Richmondshire A v Richmondshire B match, there were four extra players who could not play in the final competing against each other. Jack VanNiekerk won a match ball for the best contribution from this group of four; he scored 0 not out with the bat, got 5 runs for a wicket, another 5 for a run-out and conceded 4 runs whilst bowling to finish with a net score of +6.

League 2 Table

Barnard Castle thumped Masham in the first match, Masham then beat Barton by 6 runs. Barton did very well to only lose by 6 runs in their final match against Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle 2 wins + 42 runs
Masham 1 win, -30 runs
Barton 0 wins -12 runs

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Teams for under 11 festival

All of the  players who declared an interest in playing will get a game as long as they are there in time for the games starting at 2.00pm. The following measures will ensure that all players get a game:

(i) Barton do not have a full team, so players from the Richmond squad will play for Barton in each game.

(ii) The Richmond A v Richmond B game will be played as a ten a side game if necessary to give all our players a game.

These are the two Richmond teams selected by John Broderick and Jim While, If these players arrive in good time to start their first match, they will play two league games for these teams and be the team that goes through to the final if they win their mini league.

Richmond B, first game 1.00 pm

Kai Yorke
Gabriel Stewart
Harry Laviolette
Toby Broderick
Alex Pinkney
Joe Syddall
Andrew Ralph

Joseph White

Richmond A, first game 2.00 pm

Joe Carruthers
Zac Cleminson
Alex Laviolette
George Rutherford
Will Arnold
Will Newson
William Mawer
Adam Pollard

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Under 11 Festival Squad

These lists will be updated as players confirm interest and/or attendance.

The following players from the Under 11’s league squad have confirmed their attendance at this years festival :-

Joe Syddall
William Mawer
Kai Yorke
Alex Pinkney
Gabriel Stewart
Adam Pollard
Thomas Wooff
Harry Laviolette
William Newson
Toby Broderick
Joe Carruthers
Zac Cleminson

The following league players have confirmed their interest in playing at this years festival, attendance still to be confirmed :-

George Rutherford
Will Sharp
Henry Banks
Alex Laviolette

The following players from outside the regular match squad have requested to play in the festival:

Andrew Ralph
Isaac Bottomley
Tom VanNiekerk
Jack VanNiekerk
Harry Crossland
Tom Arundel
Joseph White

Stockton U11s Vs Richmond U11s
The U11’s lost by 77 runs against Stockton having conceded 10 wickets, Kai Yorke top scored with 13 runs. We bowled very well, conceding only 6 runs for bad deliveries, best of the season! We also picked up 5 wickets, 4 of which were taken by William Mawer on a red hot spell of bowling. It was a shame to finish with a loss, however we have the festival to enjoy on the 11th September, and the opportunity to hopefully win some important matches against good local opposition!  We ended the season with a very respectable 54 points , 9 points behind the league winners Sedgefield. Well done to everyone in the squad, you all played your part, and your cricket as individuals and as a team has improved each week throughout the summer. I would also like to say thankyou to the parents for their support.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Under 11 festival 11th September, now starting 1.00 pm

We should have six teams in the festival: Richmond A and B, Darlington, Barnard Castle, Barton and Masham.

To allow Sunday morning footballers to have a chance of participating (I understand Richmond Town U11s are playing at Saltburn), the format will now be as follows:

2 mini-leagues of 3 teams in which each team plays 2 matches, followed by the winners of each league playing a final. The mini-league matches will start at 1.00 pm, there will be an element of seeding to ensure that we do not have three of the four likely strongest teams in the same mini-league. There will be a draw at the start of the tournament, in which the only names in the hat are Darlington, Barnard Castle and Masham. The fixtures will be as follows:

League 1

1.00 pm. Richmond B v Drawn Team 1

2.00 pm Richmond A v Richmond B

3.00pm Richmond A v Drawn Team 1

League 2

1.00 pm. Drawn Team 2 v Drawn Team 3

2.00 pm Barton v Drawn Team 2

3.00pm Barton v Drawn Team 3

The winners of each league will play in a final at 4.30 pm.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Under 11 Festival - younger players

This is the list of players who have not been playing U11 matches and have asked to play at the festival on 11th September. I will add to it as I receive names. Being on this list does not automatically mean you are in a team together, but I will try to ensure that everyone of an appropriate standard gets a game.

Andrew Ralph
Isaac Bottomley
Tom VanNiekerk
Jack VanNiekerk
Harry Crossland
Tom Arundel
Joseph White

Sunday, 21 August 2016

U13 Match Home v Stockton Monday 22nd August

Tony Potter has texted me with the following as the team for this fixture, to be played at the main ground:

Dan Baines
Jon Baines
Sam Metcalfe
Ben Dale
Henry Bushell
Dan Sharp
Dan Francis
Uchenna Anyadiegwu
Joe Sydall
Kai Yorke
Harry Laviolette

The agreed match start time is 6pm. It is going to be challenging finishing the game before it gets too dark, so please get there as early as you can and don't waste time during the game or between innings.

Richmondshire CC Under 11 Festival Sunday 11th September

On this date the club will be hosting a cricket festival for children in the U11 age group. Although the new school year will have started, eligibility is based on the school year at the start of this season, all those who were at Primary School at the start of this season are eligible.

Traditionally this event was held on a Sunday earlier in the season when there was no home adult match, now that the under 11 league matches are played on a Sunday, we have had to move it to late in the season, which does unfortunately mean mean there will be a clash with football or rugby for some players.

This is a mini tournament, now starting at 1.00pm (updated 31 Aug), involving teams of eight players, using a hard ball. There will be teams from Richmondshire CC and from invited clubs in the surrounding area.

There will be two matches taking place at any one time, with initial matches taking place in a league format, followed bya final. Matches will be 8 overs a side, therefore each match should be complete inside an hour.

John Broderick will be contacting players from his match squad, but this tournament is also appropriate for younger players who are looking to move up to playing hard ball cricket next season. 

Could parents of any younger players who wish to register interest please see me on Friday night or send an email to

Friday, 19 August 2016

Training Friday 19th August is off

It has been raining for a bit and is forecast to continue, so training is cancelled.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Norton U11s Vs Richmond U11s
The U11’s lost by 59 runs against Norton who bowled very well taking more wickets than us, and we then conceded 37 extras which was far too generous ! Top scorers were Kai Yorke and Joe Syddall with 11 , Toby Broderick taking the only wicket of the day after a fine catch by Harry Laviolette, and claiming a run out with a direct hit. Next weeks game is at Home against Blackhall at the school, 9.00 for 9.30am on Sunday.
The team for the Blackhall game is :-
Lucas Holmes
Henry Banks
Adam Pollard (making his debut at U11)
Harry Laviolette
William Mawer
Joe Carruthers
Kai Yorke
Alex Pinkney (Keeper)
George Rutherford
Joe Syddall

Please TEXT if you son is unable to play 07739 645555.

Further notification will follow for the Stockton game which we aim to play by the end of August.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Monday night training is still on

The under 17 team will be away playing in the north/south play-off, but training is still on.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Reminder, Friday training at Richmond School

Training will again be at Richmond School, as our under 17 team has a cup semi-final at the main ground.

Secondary School coaching sessions Mon 8 to Fri 12 Aug

Mike Layfield is running additional coaching for secondary school age group players at the main club ground next week. Sessions run from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm and cost £10 per day.

These sessions are run by Mike as part of his business, not by the club, so you do not have to be a member to take part. They are open to all aged 11 to 16.

Mike's number is 07427 487107